Business Blogging for Search Engine Optimisation

Are you looking to supercharge your website, boost SEO and create some brand awareness around your business?

A blog is sure to do that and a whole lot more for you. Not only does a blog encourage website visitors to stay on your site for longer, it also helps you to reach, target and embrace new audiences – anywhere in the world! In addition to this, it will give you (or your social media manager) something of value to share and promote on social media.

At Little Miss Content, we’ve had the pleasure of managing and maintaining business blogs for numerous start-ups, SME’s, national organisations, public sectors and public figures worldwide. We regularly contribute blog post and news articles to leading agencies and associated partners, working almost solely upon recommendations.

Our bloggers cover a broad scope of niches, and our chief copywriter Marie Penrose specialises in fashion, beauty and lifestyle writing. There’s no topic or task we can’t tackle, from home security and to alternative medicine and everything in between… our expertise is endless!

See it in a snippet:

Our expert blogging services include but are most certainly not limited to…

  • Guest blogging

  • Ghost writing

  • Link building

  • Content upgrades

  • Product reviews

  • Email subscription series

  • Downloadable PDF guides

  • Branded printables

  • Podcast scripts.

And when you hire us, you’ll benefit from…

  • Friendly, expert advice (no technical jargon)

  • A hands-on approach (responsive to your needs)

  • Idea generation (for blog posts / news features)

  • Improved on-site SEO (best, organic practices).

So what are you waiting for? FREE, no obligation consultations are available to everyone… give us a call today to get started on something special!